Tuesday, February 21, 2012

100th day of school and Valentine’s Day!

We have kicked off the month of February with some fun happenings in first grade!  Last week, we celebrated the 100th day of school!!  I have to say, this day was one of my all time favorite days!  The day began with the kids making their 100th day of school hats.  After that, they kids received a certificate for completing 100 days in first grade.  We then jumped into all kinds of 100th day activities!   The kiddos wrote about why they are now 100 days smarter.  After that, we went to swap our 100 items with the other first grade classes and the second graders.  To kick off the swap, we counted to 100 by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.  Here are a few pictures of the swap:



IMAGE_DFB8A56F-074C-4FA7-96EE-78E92BF7F687In the afternoon, we sorted fruit loops into ten groups of ten and make a necklace.  This was a hit! Especially when the kiddos could eat!!  We also did a variety of dice roll and grouping activities.

You can see our 100th day fashions too!





During the same week, we celebrated Valentine’s Day!  In order to make our Valentine’s Day envelopes, the kiddos participated in the Valentine Factory.  The kiddos had to fill out an application and list their top three jobs they would like to do.  I taught the students about an assembly line.  I showed a YouTube video of I Love Lucy at the candy factory.  It is a hilarious clip about an assembly line!  Each student had a job, it was so exciting to see the kids work together to produce a great product!3

Our assembly line started with our paper folders and then to the staplers.  The kiddos then passed it on to the large, medium, and small heart gluers.  We also had large, medium, and small heart tracers and cutters.  At the end of our line we had a name writer and of course are snack server.  By the end, the kiddos were ready for some juice and cookies!!